5 February 2013 - 11:41am | posted by

Marketing Weak: Tesco - Daydream

If this commercial for Tesco has one saving grace from the advertiser’s point of view, it’s that they decided against putting their Norse warrior on a horse as he searches the aisles of the supermarket for the shopping ordered online by a daydreaming mum. Can you imagine the social media fun at Tesco’s expense if they’d done that? Even so, it’s a pretty woeful piece of advertising and leaves us wondering when Tesco’s decision to switch agencies is going to yield any kind of advertising dividend. Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Creative Team: David Goss / Ollie Wolf TV Producer: Andrew Shelton Film Prod Co: Hungryman Director: Taika Waititi Producer: Camilla Cullen Dir of Photography: Ben Davis Production Designer: Chris Lightburn-Jones Production Manager: Phoebe Matheson Post-Prod House: The Mill VFX Producer / Supervisor: Paul Schleicher Editing House: The Whitehouse Editor: John Smith Audio House: Wave

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