Mark Zuckerberg denies claims Facebook is releasing a phone

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has hit back at long-running rumours Facebook will be launching its own mobile phone.

His comments came as his company announced that it has seen an increase in revenue coming from mobile advertising. Recent figures reveal that 23 per cent of Facebook’s advertising revenue now comes from mobile.

Zuckerberg was recently quoted in a conference call as saying: "More people are starting to understand that mobile is a great opportunity for us. It allows us to reach more people.”

However, the Facebook boss went on to release a statement, saying that a Facebook phone was "not the right strategy".

He went on to explain: "We need to make Facebook really good across all of the devices [that people use]"

"We have more engagements from the people who we reach, and I think we'll also be able to make more money for each minute people spend with us on their mobile devices."

"People keep on asking if we're going to build a phone," he said.

"And we're not going to build a phone... it's not the right strategy for us.

"The big thing for us is we've one billion people using our products and we need to make Facebook really good across all of the devices that they use - and we're going to keep on pushing to get kind of more integrated with the system."

Jennifer Faull

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