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Taylor Swift joins Beyoncé on the Coke-Pepsi merry-go-round

Taylor Swift takes the Diet Coke road Taylor Swift takes the Diet Coke road

Taylor Swift has joined Beyonce on the great Cola merry-go-round.

The 23-year-old Taylor will partner with Diet Coke on a series of branding initiatives, Ad Age reports .

"It's not clear how Diet Coke will use Ms. Swift, though it's likely she will become a brand ambassador of sorts, with the partnership going beyond simply 30-second TV spots," said the mag. She will NOT, however, be involved in the company's Super Bowl campaign.

That could be because Beyonce, named official brand ambassador for Pepsi last month. is headlining the Super Bowl halftime show, sponsored by Pepsi. Beyonce performed at Obama's second inauguration and is the subject of an HBO documentary next month.

Taylor Swift is. however, moving quickly up the stardom ladder According to Billboard's list of 2012's top 40 Money Makers,beat competition like Adele and Lady Gaga to come in at No. 1, with earnings of more than $35 million last year.

Magazines love her romances, which include everyone from singer John Mayer and One Direction's Harry Styles to actor Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor Kennedy, son of Robert Kennedy Jr.

Said AdAge, " Ms. Swift may actually be a genuine fan of Diet Coke. In October she rather comically told Bon Appetit magazine the cola is always in her refrigerator, "because it understands me." She was also photographed clutching a can of Diet Coke in London earlier this week.

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