Visit Scotland promotes country with jumper-wearing Shetland ponies

When you think about Scotland the first thing that comes to mind is, of course, Shetland ponies wearing button-down Fair Isle jumpers. Well, it might be now.

In order to promote the Year of Natural Scotland, Visit Scotland dressed a pair of the ponies, called Fivla and Vitamin, up in the Scottish jumpers made by Doreen Brown.

Jo Tonkinson, co-owner of Thordale Shetland Driving Centre, which provided the ponies, told the Daily Mail: “It was quite simple – we sent the ponies’ measurements to the knitter, who sent back two jumpers.

“We just had to put their two front legs in and they buttoned under the stomach.

“It was perhaps an odd request, to get the ponies in Fair Isle, and a bit silly, but they were perfectly happy. Hopefully these pictures will make people smile.”

Last week, Visit Scotland unveiled a £3.4m TV advert to promote the Year of Natural Scotland.

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