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Channel 4 to broadcast wedding proposal advert for £130,000

Channel 4 to broadcast wedding proposal advert for £130,000Channel 4 to broadcast wedding proposal advert for £130,000

Channel 4 is getting in the romantic mood as Valentine’s Day approaches, by giving a wealthy romantic a primetime ad spot to propose to his girlfriend.

The 30-second wedding proposal advert, believed to be the first of its kind as a commercial on TV, however, comes at the less than lovable price of £130,000, more than ten times the average cost of a wedding.

Luxury experiences website VeryFirstTo.com partnered with The Moving Picture Company, the production firm behind John Lewis’s Snowman advert, to transform the idea into a reality.

The unknown 'proposer' has been able to choose whether they want to pop the big question as a specially created, animated version of themselves or via a 'green screen' where they can declare their love in various scenarios or settings. The result will be shown on 14 February.

Speaking on the idea to the Telegraph, Marcel Knobil, founder of VeryFirstTo.com, said it was "an extremely creative and highly personalised way to propose".

"It is all too easy to rely on cliche approaches to declare one's love. The marriage proposal is one of the most momentous occasions of a couple's life. This has got to be the most sensational way to mark the moment and make it truly memorable.”

"Investing in a proposal through such a remarkable, never done before manner, will result in a marriage offer that will be very difficult to refuse."

Ben Cyzer, head of Creative Strategy at MPC, also commented: "This is a fun project for us to be involved with.

"We are always on the look-out for challenging and innovative opportunities and we're looking forward to using our expertise in visual effects to really help bring our proposer's message to life."


8 Feb 2013 - 01:10

A first-of-its-kind wedding proposal that will be seen by millions and cost £130,000? Who could decline such an elaborately romantic offer? Aside, of course, from someone who won't allow a life of guilt to outweigh one of uncommitted matrimony, but that's just us being cynical.

We're looking forward to seeing this advert, especially seeing how no one knows whether it will be an animation or boast a bit of green screen magic. What we do know is there'll be a lot of people holding their breath all at the same time, so fingers crossed that a sigh of relief will be heard across the nation in the moments following its airing.

23 Jan 2013 - 11:10
stephen_beaumont's picture

Oh boy cheesy or what? Reality TV at worst! Another way to show that we are not innovators of truly watchable content on TV, we are creators of more main channel TV crap. Gypsy, Essex, Scouse and now matrimonial proposal taken to the depths of ego and crudity. Is nothing sacred?

23 Jan 2013 - 11:11
daniel's picture

Let's hope she doesn't nip out in the ad break to make a cup of tea...


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