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The Drum magazine – 18 January

In this issue, The Drum casts light on the smart clothes industry and explores the debate surrounding digital v product design.

Creative Review: 

Cover story: Wearable technology

<strong>Cover story: Wearable technology</strong>

From performance enhancing football boots to programmable, shareable T-shirts, this piece explores the growth of the smart clothes industry.

Desert Island Clips

<strong>Desert Island Clips</strong>

In the latest instalment of our series celebrating celluloid classics, director John Lloyd of Spitting Image, Blackadder and QI fame shares his Desert Island Clips choices with Jason Stone of David Reviews.

Digital v product

<strong>Digital v product</strong>

Following Sir James Dyson’s comments on what he believes to be a preoccupation with ‘web fads’, The Drum investigates the perception problem faced by the digital industry.

From paste to pixel?

<strong>From paste to pixel?</strong>

The Drum takes a look at the transformation of the out of home advertising industry, exploring whether pixels can ever replace paste.

Also in this issue:

<strong>Also in this issue:</strong>
  • A round-up of some of the most interesting recent creative work
  • An interview with Renault marketing director Phil York
  • A look at the implications of a Leveson press regulation deal