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Virgin Media Business study shows the majority of students believe employees will mainly work from home by 2025

Students also claimed desktop PCs would soon become a thing of the pastStudents also claimed desktop PCs would soon become a thing of the

According to research from Virgin Media Business the majority of students (70 per cent) at one of the UK's leading technology colleges believe the next generation of employees will ditch the office and work from home.

Farnborough College of Technology students said that by 2025 virtual hologram meetings and 3D projections will replace the need for face-to-face meetings. Of those surveyed 88 per cent claimed online tools, such as gaming and social networking, will be widely used in schools to help educate and engage students by 2025 and 70 per cent agreed teaching would change significantly over the next decade.

“Technology is a subject many of our students are passionate about and they all have great visions of how technology is going to change our lives,” said Beccy Wigglesworth, head of Hampshire Business School at Farnborough College of Technology.

“We’re glad to have contributed to research which highlights how innovative we are as a nation and how such innovation will lead to a more connected, agile future. We’re excited to see these changes take place in the next few years.”

Respondents also said technology would make communication and remote working easier for staff in 2025, adding that more data would be cloud-based with desktop PCs soon becoming a thing of the past.

“It’s great to see such similarities between our research – which showcases the visions of futurologists, inventors and technology experts – and Farnborough College of Technology’s students’ visions of the future of technology,” said Mark Heraghty, managing director at Virgin Media Business.

“These students are the engineers, inventors and IT directors of the future, and seeing their enthusiasm for advances in technology shows just how close this future already is. Just like these students, we foresee a future where ubiquitous connectivity will underpin many aspects from both our work and personal lives.”

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