Justin Bieber takes Lady Gaga's crown as the all-time most popular and influential person in global social media

Global social media popularity measurer has revealed that Justin Bieber has officially stolen Lady Gaga’s crown as the most popular and influential person in global social media.

Justin Bieber is named as the King of global social media by

Gaga had topped the Starcount chart since 2010 however yesterday the 18 year old Canadian pop star over took the eccentric star claiming the title. Using data from 11 of the biggest global social networks, including the likes of Facebook and Twitter, managed to deliver a Starcount Score and create daily global leader boards for both celebrities and brands.

Justin Bieber was found to be the most popular and influential entity in the world across global social media capturing the number one spot in Starcount’s ‘Global All Time Chart’, ahead of the likes of The Walt Disney Company at number four, Barak Obama at number 12, and Coca Cola at number 18 (see the full Top Ten below).

Bieber’s popularity and influence in global social media is so great his Starcount Score of 374,825,719 is greater than the combined scores of Simon Cowell (21,439,492), Coldplay (141,526,440), Madonna (67,583,156), and Justin Timberlake (100,040,429).

Lady Gaga’s dip in social media growth can be attributed to her demise from the top; as though Gaga and Bieber have similar Starcount scores (Gaga’s is a respectable 371,924,790) Bieber’s recent surges on social media have helped him dethrone her. For example, in the last week alone Bieber has gained some 600,000 new Facebook fans compared to just 160,000 new Lady Gaga Facebook fans.

Bieber is also edging closer to the coveted Twitter top spot which Gaga has held since over taking Britney Spears over two years ago. With over 315,000 new followers in the last week Bieber now boasts around 31.3 million followers. In comparison, Lady Gaga gained 208,000 new followers and has a total follower count of 32 million.

It is speculated that Gaga’s lack of recent music releases is one of the reasons she has fallen behind. On music video network VEVO Gaga’s channel (LadyGagaVEVO) trails behind Bieber’s channel (JustinBieberVEVO) with 2.3 billion views and 3.2 billion views respectively.

With the race between the two stars now closer than ever, if Bieber’s influence and popularity continue to grow that the same rate Lady Gaga may struggle to catch up.'s Global All Time Chart Top Ten

1. Justin Bieber (374,825,719)

2. Lady Gaga (371,924,790)

3. Rihanna (354,908,502)

4. Katy Perry (289,085,595)

5. Shakira (283,139,167)

6. Eminem (278,541,370)

7. Barack Obama (231,897,523)

8. Britney Spears (217,663,803)

9. Cristiano Ronaldo (216,947,894)

10. Taylor Swift (215,377,700)

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