Parkinson's UK launches new campaign created by The Assembly

The campaign aims to show how hard the simpliest of tasks are for Parkinson's sufferers

Parkinson’s UK has unveiled a national awareness campaign designed by The Assembly in order to raise the profile of the charity and boost knowledge of the symptoms experienced by those living with the condition.

The outdoor, rail and press campaign is set to launch on Monday 10 December and will run for two weeks. The campaign will also be supported by digital and social media activity.

The creative reworks images of six everyday tasks such as making a cup of tea and tying a tie, that are incredibly difficult to those living with Parkinson’s. The images of each activity have been mixed up to create a disjointed visual puzzle bringing to life the struggles people living with Parkinson’s face.

The campaign will feature on 48 sheet posters across the UK and Belfast, as well as train card panels across the UK rail network, and press ads in Metro National, The Times, Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail.

The Assembly has also planned tactical marketing activity on media channels including radio and TV where advertisers will allow the agency to mix up one of their own ads. The charity’s UK officers will also be covered in images from the campaign to engage passers-by.

Steve Ford, chief executive at Parkinson’s UK, commented: “Parkinson’s affects over 127,000 people in the UK, yet many people know very little about exactly what life can be like. The Assembly has tackled this challenge head on by creating a visually engaging campaign that cleverly illustrates the everyday challenges people with Parkinson’s face. These strong images are central to raising national awareness of Parkinson’s, helping us to gain funding for further research so that no one has to suffer Parkinson’s alone.”

The Assembly’s co-founder and creative executive, Steve Dunn, and co-founder, Trevor Hardy, added: “After speaking to many people living with Parkinson’s we wanted to dramatise the symptoms of the condition in the advertising – Parkinson’s mixes up messages to the brain, making simple, everyday tasks a living hell. We created images that require viewer participation to ‘solve the puzzle’ in each image, giving viewers an experience of the symptoms of the disease.”

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