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Celebrating 140 years young: Heineken unveils its design treasures and invites designers to 'Remix our Future'

To celebrate its landmark 140th anniversary Heineken is putting its evolution since 1873 online for designers everywhere to ‘remix’ a bottle of the future.

Entrants will have the freedom to play with and remix treasured images from the brand’s 140 year past, to create an iconic Heineken bottle of the future. An interactive design hub featuring hundreds of historic visuals has been set up including a wide variety of Heineken treasures, such as the first bottle labels and iconic early 20th century ads.

Mark van Iterson, Heineken’s global head of design, commented: “While we’re constantly looking ahead, we never forget our DNA – seeking inventive ways to draw on our evolution to create something new for the future.

“This ethos has helped to make Heineken so iconic over the course of its 140 years and we think REMIX is a great theme to involve designers all over the world, giving them the freedom to delve into our past and create their own take on our future.”

The top 30 crowd-sourced designed will be placed on display during Milan’s prestigious Design Week in April 2013. The winner of the challenge will also see their design become reality as Heineken’s special 2013/2014 Limited Edition bottle. The winning design will be remixed by digital design pioneer, Joshua Davis, to create a gift-back that will house the winning bottle design.

Davis added: “Remixing interests me so much because nothing ever really finishes – there’s always some sort of mutation or hybrid in design. Remix for me means taking things that are established and changing them in a way so that they become something new and unexpected.”

Judging the entries will be Van Iterson, Davis, Cool Hunting editor Evan Orensten and PechaKucha’s Mark Dytham.

Entrants have until 1 March 2013 to submit their Remixed Heineken bottle of the Future.

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