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The Dandy sells out within minutes as it retires print edition to launch digital only ‘new Dandy’

The Dandy sells out within minutes as it retires print edition to launch digital only ‘new Dandy’The Dandy sells out within minutes as it retires print edition to

Britain’s longest running comic, The Dandy, is to cease publication of its print edition, choosing instead to migrate toward new digital platforms.

The final edition of the Dandy went on sale on newsstands this morning but by 09:30 was already as rare as hens teeth as the comics print run was snapped up by collectors and the simply curious. Shops The Drum visited reported that they were sold out within minutes of opening - meaning the last edition of the comic - which traditionally sold around 8,000 a week - was building up to a bumper sale.

The switch coincides with the 75th anniversary of the title and will continue to deliver weekly stories from popular characters such as Desperate Dan and Bananaman, but with the added benefit of interactive elements, motion and gameplay.

Publisher DC Thomson has also created a raft of new characters to fill its virtual pages, including the superhero Retro-Active in a plotline which will revive the traditional adventure serial.
Old style Dandy will be going out with a bang however after Sir Paul McCartney volunteered to star in its 100 page finale, available on newsstands now.

Craig Ferguson, Editor of the new Dandy said, “We all know how popular digital devices have become with children so we’re drawing on our traditional heritage and updating our product to make it relevant for today’s children.

“With this weekly digital edition, The Dandy is once again blazing a trail by launching a unique, interactive, motion comic. We’re giving The Dandy a whole new dimension and bringing a new lease of life to our characters.”

Issue zero of the new look comic is available through PCs and Macs via Dandy.com and will later be compatible with tablets and smartphones.

As The Dandy goes digital, News International has announced the closure of its iPad newspaper, The Daily, due to a lack of subscriptions.

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