Dashdomains.co.uk criticises Nominet proposal to introduce .UK suffix

Dashdomains.co.uk has voiced its concerns over a new proposal which has been laid down by Nominet to introduce a .UK suffix.

Dashdomain.co.uk has raised concerns with proposals to introduce .UK domains

The proposal, if it goes ahead, would likely affect owners of co.uk domain names and businesses which trade under this domain suffix, as the .UK domains would compete directly in the same space as the existing co.uk suffix.

Nominet suggests that the introduction of .UK domains would help improve online security and shorter suffixes would be more beneficial for UK businesses.

Independent digital marketing and SEO specialist, Emma Meheux, disagrees, commenting: “I believe that if this proposal goes ahead in its current form it will cause a digital marketing disaster that could have a catastrophic effect on the UK digital industry and in turn the British economy.”

Dashdomains.co.uk has said that if this proposal goes ahead it would result in huge costs to the marketing and digital industries for the mass transfer of UK businesses from co.uk to .UK.

Dashdomains.co.uk has also cites the impact this would have on SEO, as well as technical ramifications and also overall disruption.

At present Nominet are not currently intending to allow the existing co.uk owners the automatic rights to purchase the .UK versions of their domains, meaning that co.uk domains are at risk of losing their brand identity and market share should new .UK suffixes be introduced.

Dashdomain.co.uk has also accused the proposal as being a “sleight of hand trick” as co.uk domain owners will no doubt want the .UK suffix as well, essentially paying Nominet twice.

Meheux adds: “In my opinion this proposal needs to be stopped from proceeding in its current form as soon as possible. One thing that is more likely to make that happen is if as many people as possible from the business/marketing community voice their opinion. For the sake of digital progression alongside brand protection amongst many other things I hope to see the UK business/marketing community joining together to Just Say No to .UK.”

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