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Stella Artois revisits Christmas heritage with bespoke Christmas greeting and limited edition bottle design

Alice Eve stars as Christmas Carole Alice Eve stars as Christmas Carole
Stella Artois revisits Christmas heritage with bespoke Christmas greeting and limited edition bottle design

Stella Artois has released interactive Christmas card that can be personalised and sent to friends and family in celebration of the festive season.

The digital greeting aims to re-visit the brand’s heritage as a traditional Christmas beer and takes the form of a Facebook app, entitled Christmas Carole. Starring British actress Alice Eve as Carole, fans can enter a friends name and address to create their message, and then Carole does the rest.

Once the request has been sent Carole arrives virtually at the recipient’s door, where she sings a carol and presents the card’s receiver with a virtual Stella Artois limited-edition Christmas bottle, served in a personalised Chalice glass.

The greeting integrates images of Christmas Carole on her journey with images of the recipient’s own city or town, using Google Street View and Maps technology.

“Stella Artois was originally crafted for Christmas. In celebration, we’re excited to provide our fans with a unique Stella Artois experience that reflects our heritage and style,” said Phil Pick, Marketing Manager for Stella Artois UK. “We think our fans will love this interactive Christmas greeting.”

Stella Artois is also set to roll out a special edition bottle for Christmas, the design features ‘holly’ green glass, and is corked to add a festive feel. Each 75cl bottle is also embossed with the Stella Artois brand name and signature Christmas star, after which with brand was named.

Individual bottles will be available from Sainsbury’s stores with six packs also available at selected stores throughout the UK. A Christmas themed design for all Stella Artois packaging will also be rolled out across major retailers nationwide, with the Christmas star echoed on the festive red box and each individual can featuring a snow white silhouette of the Chalice glass against a red backdrop.

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