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Scottish Association for Mental Health unveils 'Two Too Many' suicide awareness campaign

The Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) has revealed its ‘Two Too Many’ campaign to highlight the fact that two people in Scotland die by suicide every day.

Two Too Many aims to raise awareness of the issue and challenge the stigma attached to mental health by promoting SAMH’s National Programme for Suicide Prevention. The programme itself helps those affected by suicide, providing information, services, resources and training.

As part of the programme, SAMH has also launched a new Community Support Network helping friends or family members of those experiencing suicidal thoughts. The service is currently available in Glasgow but is scheduled to roll out in other areas next year.

Billy Watson, chief executive of SAMH, commented: “At SAMH we see the devastation caused by suicide on a daily basis. That’s why we launched our National Programme for Suicide Prevention, in addition to the work we already do in mental health across Scotland. We believe suicide can be prevented, and we hope the public will support the Two Too Many campaign.”

The campaign includes TV advertisements, directed by BAFTA award-winner David Blair, that demonstrate the impact of suicide. Created by The Bridge UK, one ad features a young man at his 21st birthday party thinking about taking his own life and the other shows a mum recalling the experience of learning her son had tried to kill himself. The ads, which debuted last night (Monday 26 November), will now run for two weeks on STV.

The TV ads are supported by press and online activity, with media buying handled by Mediacom.


28 Nov 2012 - 10:59
gerry.farrell@leith.co.uk's picture

Good to see SAMH tackling this. Young Scottish males in their twenties are particularly vulnerable. This ad takes the problem seriously and intelligently and doesn't try too hard to be 'creative'.


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