Piers Morgan's 'odour problem' goes viral, thanks to One Direction tweets

CNN star Piers Morgan has revealed how his "body odour problem" became the most talked about thing in the planet for two hours !

Piers: Childish, he says

As the Drum revealed last week, It started whenPiers tweeted his thoughts that David Beckham should now retire, as ‘no serious top flight team would sign him for football reasons any more’.

Within minutes, Harry Styles of chart-topping UK boy band One Direction tweeted back to him, saying: ‘Beckham’s my hero’.

Piers replied: ‘Is that because he always runs in one direction?’

Louis Tomlinson then joined in, tweeting me: ‘I love David Beckham’.

‘Well sign him up for the group then,’ I hit back. ‘Bet he sings better than he plays now.’

Then things turned ugly, says Piers.

Harry tweeted Simon Cowell: ‘Hiii Simon, can you tell Piers to leave us alone please, he’s being nasty…’

‘Grow a pair, Styles,’ I snarled, adding: ‘My Twitter feed is erupting like a volcano, and rather like One Direction, it ain’t pretty…’

But then came the lethal blow, via third band member Liam Payne, who simply tweeted the hashtag #piersmorganissmelly.

"Now, you might think this is unbelievably childish, and so did I," Piers told the Daily Mail.

"Unfortunately, I hadn’t reckoned for One Direction’s combined 35 million Twitter followers – who all began instantly retweeting it, thus propelling #PiersMorganIsSmelly to the top of the worldwide trending topics.

"For those who don’t tweet, this means that particularly unsavoury subject heading was the single most talked about thing in the ENTIRE WORLD on Twitter for more than two hours."

Liam was pleased. "The whole world now thinks you smell – be sure to announce this on CNN," he tweeted .

Last word to Piers, "The only positive of this hellish day was that I gained 30,000 new followers. Unfortunately, each and every one of them now tweets me every ten minutes with new details of my physical and scent-related shortcomings."

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