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Cyber Monday set to see 115 million visits to retail websites in the UK

Cyber Monday set to see 115 million visits to retail websites in the UKCyber Monday set to see 115 million visits to retail websites in the

Monday 3 December is set to be ‘Cyber Monday’, with 115 million visits to retail websites expected in the UK.

The research by Experian predicts UK consumers will spend 375 million hours shopping online in December, 32 million more hours than 2011.

It is expected that 15 million hours will be spent shopping online on Cyber Monday.

James Murray, digital insight manager at Experian Marketing Services, said: “Christmas 2012 is on track to be another record-breaker for online retail, outstripping 2011 on all fronts.

“The current market trends suggest that in the UK, Monday 3 December will be the biggest pre-Christmas day for online retail, with an estimated 115 million visits to online retail outlets and a massive 15 million hours spent online shopping on this day alone. This will be the peak of pre-Christmas shopping in the UK so marketers need to make sure their campaigns are in place to maximise traffic on Cyber Monday: it’s not too late to promote special offers through email and social media. Understanding what people are interested in, the best channels to engage customers through and when to reach them will be crucial to success this Christmas.”

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21 Nov 2012 - 16:52
Aris's picture

I know the period surrounding the last payday before Christmas has traditionally always been mental, but I feel that 'Cyber Monday' in itself is an American tradition which is trying hard to cement itself over here, much like Black Friday has done thanks to people like Amazon.

I'm sure sales both online and offline will be off the charts even without having to label our shopping days, but it'll be interesting to see how the figures turn out.


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