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Next phase of Vinnie Jones British Heart Foundation campaign launches

The next phase of the Hands-only CPR ‘Vinnie’ campaign for the British Heart Foundation is launching today, following the news that the original ad helped save 28 lives.

The campaign will comprise of a new 40 second TV ad, as well as a ‘Mini Vinnie’ ad to help teach children how to go about performing CPR.

Vicki Maguire, creative director at Grey London, said: “In an industry that measures success by units sold, margins gained or gongs won, it's gobsmacking to actually have this campaign’s successes walking up to you in the street and shaking you by the hand."

Vinnie Jones added: “Dozens of Brits are alive today because of Hands-only CPR – and that’s only the people we know about. But still not enough of us survive a cardiac arrest and it’s seriously important that everyone knows hard and fast chest compressions to the beat of the Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees can be the difference between life and death.”

The campaign will also include a series of online testimonials with some of the people whose lives have already been saved by the campaign.

Alan Linton, a survivor from Ladybank, Scotland, said: “To put it simply, I’m here today because of Vinnie Jones, the Bee Gees and Hands-only CPR. It must have been a frightening moment for my golfing buddies to see me collapse and stop breathing but thankfully they remembered hard and fast chest compressions. I’m now one of the few people in the UK who has survived a cardiac arrest this year.

“Meeting Vinnie and fellow survivors during filming brought home the fact that I’ve had an incredible year. But this is just the start. More people need to help when someone collapses in cardiac arrest so even more lives can be saved.”

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