Magazines show a higher average ROI than internet or TV

Magazines show a higher average ROI than any other media channel involved, including television, internet and newspapers, a Magonomics study by Mindshare and PPA has found.

The study looks at the role of print magazine brands in both driving bonding between advertisers and consumers and influencing purchase behaviour.

Mindshare analysed econometric data from 77 campaigns with advertising spend of up to £6m, and discovered that magazine spend for the brands reviewed can be doubled before the ROI drops to the same level of TV.

Jim Jarrett, business director of intelligence at Mindshare UK, said: “The PPA commissioned us to analyse the performance of magazines in the media mix and we’ve deliberately examined two key areas to really understand the power and impact of magazines.

“Firstly, our Magonomics research has viewed magazines separately to newspapers to highlight the different function they play to traditional print within a media campaign. Secondly, we examined magazines’ measurement in econometrics to assess performance over time, taking into consideration that magazines do not deliver their entire audience in one ‘easy to pinpoint’ moment. In exploring how magazines are treated in econometrics, we are able to demonstrate that correctly distributing magazine audiences over time leads to an uplift of 19% in magazine ROI.”

James Papworth, marketing director of the PPA, added: “This new insight highlights the multiple influences magazine brands have on the customer journey, from creating a differential perception to encouraging actual purchases. At each stage magazines deliver real value to advertisers.

“Evaluating the performance of magazines using accurate inputs gives the true measure of just how cost efficient they can be. It also shows that there are terrific benefits for an advertiser’s bottom line by utilising magazines to a greater extent without having to increase their overall marketing budgets.”

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