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Boring 2012 conference to reveal the secrets of toast

Boring 2012 conference to reveal the secrets of toast Boring 2012 conference to reveal the secrets of toast

The Drum receives many press releases which might fairly be categorised as boring but one which landed in our inbox has piqued more interest than might be expected for its seemingly mundane moniker, ‘Boring 2012 Conference Tickets are now sold out’.

The publicity stunt is the latest wheeze to be concocted by PR firm Twelve Thirty Eight, official sponsors of the media friendly conference.

Amongst a raft of events they’ve lined up for Sunday, November 25 at York Hall, East London are a series of lectures covering such topics as toast, self-service checkouts and yellow lines whilst a world record attempt is also on the cards. Delegates will be invited to view an attempt to beat the current highest number of rotations in a single self-propelled spin on a standard office chair.

The current record is 15.75 rotations held by Kate Bird which was set on 14 July in Suffolk.

Ward said: “Ward, conference organiser, said: “In theory we could add a number of additional places and still comply with venue fire, health and safety regulations. The real issue is that I would have to source additional chairs for our supplier and in order to do so, I would need to get time off work or rearrange my Asda delivery.

“That might seem like a straightforward thing to do, but taking time off requires a month’s notice and even if I relied on the goodwill of my manager, I’m aware that at least two other members of the team are going to be away on training courses (‘Introduction to Excel’ and ‘Putting the Praise into Appraisals’). In both cases, these courses cannot be rescheduled without 21 days notice. The Asda delivery can’t be shifted because it is timed to coincide with the running down of several domestic essentials, including cat pellets, scotch broth and extra value high fruit buns. So perhaps next year, eh?”

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