What supermarket Christmas ad is the best? Cast your votes!

The Christmas ads for the major supermarkets have been revealed, some leading to more discussion than others.

Here, we take a look at each of the ads and ask what you think. Let us know what ad is your favourite and what one gets a big thumbs down from you.

As all but one removes celebrities from the ads, is this a better look for Christmas campaigns which are targeting the mass market? Let us know your views.


Going down a different route from John Lewis, who has the same owners, Waitrose decided to show less-is-more in its ‘stripped back’ ad. Money saved from the production went to charity.


Tesco looks to promote its clubcard exchange in its ad, while at the same time shoehorning as many Christmassy things in as it can: champagne, ickle baby outfits and presents. A Ronseal of Christmas ads.


Is it sexist? According to 50 or so people, yes, according to mothers, it tells the truth about Christmas. The Fifty Shades of Grey reading grandmother still steals the show for us.


Here we have Asda’s Christmas ad on steroids, erm, Morrisons Christmas ad. Another look at what mums have to deal with at Christmas, only in a more exaggerated format.


Sainsbury’s has today launched its series of Christmas ads, with a focus on the things that go into making Christmas Day ‘Christmas Day’.

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