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Scottish malt whiskies and digital; how websites now play second fiddle to social media

Adrian Porter, head of strategic research, Precedent, brings The Drum findings from Precedent’s latest report into the digital landscape for Scottish single malt whisky distilleries, and asks whether there are opportunities for brand owners to digitally leverage the awareness that will inevitably be created by Diageo’s recent commitment to the industry in Scotland.

Precedent assessed how well equipped 20 Scottish single malt brands (including Glenmorangie, Laphroaig and Talisker) were to meet the demands of digital, looking at website use, social media presence and their behaviour on mobile. The agency also used analytics and buzz monitoring to understand where the brand names were being successful in creating awareness and engagement with their audiences, and assessed what the brands were doing digitally to break into emerging markets, using China as the focus.
In this article, Adrian Porter provides an overview of the key findings:

  • Websites play second fiddle in comparison to whisky brands' social media presence
  • Brands assessed struggle with mobile
  • Only five sites were available in more than one language
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