Music industry social network announces nationwide tour for unsigned artists

Emerging Icons will tour the UK with three unsigned bands

Emerging Icons, the sister site to music industry social network Unsigned Band Review, has announced that three of the artists chosen to perform over the course of the Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer are to showcase their talent across the UK, as part of an unsigned Emerging Icons tour.

The social network for unsigned artists gives performers a free profile where their fans can engage directly with them. Unlike other social media sites Emerging Icons rewards artists with the most fan interaction with things like industry feedback, radio airplay, gigs, festival slots, and album releases through Universal’s distribution.

During the summer Emerging Icons launched a campaign for artists with more than 50 Fan Likes on their profiles to get considered to perform at the Olympic Park during London 2012 on their exclusive stage. Over 50 acts performed during the Games, with some featuring on the album Emerging Icons in the Park: As heard in London 2012 and Auction For The Promise Club, Annaca and Tankus The Henge going on tour off the back of it.

Emerging Icons has also garnered attention from numerous brand partners including Levi, Smirnoff, Dr Martens, Red Bull, and Xbox.

In addition to showcasing these bands across the UK, Emerging Icons is also launching a ‘Demo Drop’ campaign, searching for new talent in need of industry exposure. Artists signed up to the Unsigned Band Review site can bring along a CD to any of the shows to be guaranteed a review from one of the industry professionals on the network.

Bands that bring CDs will also have the opportunity to undergo a short, on camera interview with the Emerging Icons team.

Kat Jackman, founder and MD of Emerging Icons told The Drum: "We are looking for fresh new acts to support through UBR and want to reach out to different regions within the country to find some hidden gems, and what better way to do it is there than during an event showcasing three incredible Emerging Icons acts that are set for big things in 2013.

"We have a long running partnership with Absolute Radio where we select artists to be played on air each week, an Emerging Icons top 10 chart show every Sunday that is played across the entire Student Radio network to 30,000 students each week, a strong connection with A&R within labels, a fresh partnership with Sub TV, and chart topping artists who are prepared to put their time into promoting new artists. It is a magical community where we can make things happen for artists other than just providing software such as Facebook. We go the extra mile and beyond."

Tickets are available from

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