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Jamie Oliver brings 15-Minute Meals TV series and book to life through augmented reality

To accompany his new TV series and book, Jamie Oliver and Channel 4 have launched an augmented reality app powered by Aurasma.

Dishes from 15-Minute Meals appear on the app as digital Meal Cards, containing ingredients, equipment lists and nutritional information. Recipes from the book can also be viewed as Meal Cards, along with exclusive content. Users can set reminders for the TV series and meal videos for each dish will also be available to purchase on the app ahead of their on-air premiere.

Produced in collaboration with Channel 4 and Fresh One Productions, the app uses augmented reality platform Aurasma to bring content from Jamie’s 15-Minute Meals cookbook to life. By holding a smartphone or tablet over any full page image the user will unlock exclusive content and Meal Cards.

Digital product executive at Fresh One Productions, Marc Goodchild, commented: “Jamie has always been right at the forefront of innovation – he was the first chef to bring out his own app and now he has become the first to embrace augmented reality with his new book and TV series. The Aurasma feature in the app really has allowed us to tie in together the book the TV series and offer the users something extra.”

Matt Mills, head of partnerships at Aurasma, added: “Working with Jamie Oliver has been a dream of ours since we first launched Aurasma back in June last year. Our technology is fundamentally a fantastic new way to help people engage with and understand instructional information.

“Jamie understood this potential immediately and has used Aurasma across 15-Minute Meals to lend an augmented hand to cooks up and down the country.”

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