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American Apparel creates storm of its own on Twitter with Hurricane Sandy 20% sale

American Apparel creates storm of its own on Twitter with Hurricane Sandy 20% saleAmerican Apparel creates storm of its own on Twitter with Hurricane

US retailer American Apparel has risked the wrath of Twitter having begun to advertise a sale put in place to take advantage of the Hurricane hitting the country’s east coast.

The online clothing retail brand has advertised its 20 per cent off sale which would run during the course of Hurricane Sandy, as people were sent home from work and schools closed in order to keep them safe from the carnage produced by what has now been reclassified as a post tropical storm.

The advert sent through Twitter read “Hurricane Sandy Sale” and was followed by the text “In case you’re bored during the storm, 20% (sic) off everything for the next 36 hours”.

Reaction to the advert has been venomous, with one reply stating ‘F*ck you’ while another suggested; “wow that is messed up - instead of giving me 20% off maybe donate 20% to Red Cross?”

The company has yet to address the reaction or respond to the criticism on Twitter.


30 Oct 2012 - 09:38
simpsonrc's picture

They learned nothing from Habitat's Twitter fiasco in 2009 then. Wonder if they will blame the 'intern' too...

30 Oct 2012 - 15:47
peter13722's picture

I'm glad to see Froghammer Advertising Agency still has some high profile clients

30 Oct 2012 - 18:12
Andre13724's picture

Maybe not the best way to use social media


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