Poppyscotland flashmob takes Glasgow shoppers by surprise

In support of this year’s Poppyscotland appeal newly-formed Scottish Military Wives choirs came together to create an “unforgettable” flashmob performance in Buchanan Galleries shopping centre.

“We were trying to find a way of doing something targeting social media and that was going to be truly unforgettable,” explained head of marketing for Poppyscotland, Fraser Bedwell.

Taking place last Wednesday lunchtime the initial flashmob idea came from a throw away comment made in a planning meeting, according to Bedwell: “As a joke someone suggested “Why don’t we do a flashmob,” and we went “Well, maybe we could do this.”

“When we first ran the idea passed Buchanan Galleries their initial reaction was scratching their heads, probably trying to work out what we were on about! But when everything came together it was fantastic.”

Weeks of planning went into the event with a film crew poised to capture shopper’s reactions, “We really tried hard to keep everything under wraps. All the women were told not to be telling anyone what they were up to as we wanted it to be a complete surprise and get everybody’s reaction at the time,” added Bedwell.

Since the video went online yesterday morning it has already received in excess of 5000 downloads in little over 24 hours.

Bedwell continued: “The response we got from the public who were there was exactly what we wanted, it was great and for us to reach 5000 downloads in 24 hours has been an absolutely phenomenal success so far.”

Bedwell concluded: “Our hope is people see the Military Wives in action then actually they might get themselves some bookings, they’re looking to get out and fundraise and perform. From Poppyscotland’s perspective it’s very much about raising awareness of this year’s Poppy appeal.”

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