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Students put new twist on anti-piracy advertising as part of Industry Trust campaign

Students put new twist on anti-piracy advertising as part of Industry Trust campaignStudents put new twist on anti-piracy advertising as part of Industry

Two young design students from London have created a new take on anti-piracy advertising for the UK film, TV and video industry by turning it on its head and making it “pro-cinema”.

Launching nationwide from today, Leighton Pountney and Omri Dvir’s “All for the Price of a Ticket” campaign - backed by The Industry Trust - uses till receipts and cinema tickets to celebrate the entertainment value behind the price of a DVD, download or ticket. Brought to life in the form of a quiz entitled “Riddle Me Th?s” members of the public are invited to solve clues to great films at FindAnyFilm.com.

Liz Bales, director general of The Industry Trust for IP Awareness, explained to The Drum how the idea came to life: “We worked with an organisation called the Youth Creative Network; they have a history of putting out media briefs to students. We invited young people to consider the impact of piracy and how they would encourage their peers to address it in an upbeat and positive manner.

“There was just something about the simplicity of the work from Omri and Leighton that made us think “absolutely,” so we brought it to life for them.”

According to research from The Industry Trust some 45 per cent of 17-24 year olds are illegally accessing content online, “nearly half of young men today access some of their entertainment from unauthorised sources. So who better to take inspiration from than the generation of people we are hoping to reach?” added Bales.

Speaking about the inspiration for the campaign Pountney commented: “We wanted to come up with something that was pro-cinema as opposed to anti-piracy; we thought it was a great way of showing people that cinema is, for the price of a ticket, a really good deal.”

The campaign will sit within the larger initiative “Moments Worth Paying For” which has attracted a whole host of celebrity supporters from The Saturdays, to Martin Compston and Ray Winstone. Bales continued: “It sits as part of the same message and we think that Omri and Leighton have come up with something that really talks to their peer group.

“The initiative overall is having an impact, it is helping us to encourage people to use legal services rather than illegal services and what we’re hoping with the new campaign is it will drive a real positive association with the value of film.

“In this industry the audience are the stakeholders and if they stop supporting the industry then the industry ultimately can’t make them any more product, what we really hope to do is make people feel positive when it comes to consuming film content.”

Cinemas nationwide, including Odeon, Vue, Cineworld and Showcase, have all signed up to the campaign, and the Moments Worth Paying For initiative, which spans cinema, outdoor advertising, PR and social media features in Clear Channel advertising spaces UK-wide as well as on FindAnyFilm.com and a wealth of other film and TV industry websites.


26 Oct 2012 - 15:12
rossdmcdonald's picture

I like this - the change from "gonnae no do that" anti-anything ads is a step in the right direction.

I do think it could have gone further still - what does going to the cinema give you that watching on buffering internet doesn't? shared experience, anticipation, the smell of the popcorn, a full night out etc

5 Jul 2013 - 09:20
marcuschannel's picture

another findafilm alternative is http://www.onchannel.net. it has movies and tv series online.


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