Ad of the Day: Jose Cuervo - Who's In?

Unless we're much mistaken this is a celebration of drunken adventures. Like the current Smirnoff campaign, the advertising on displayed here is stretching the limits of what's permissible. No drunkenness is actually shown, of course, but there's a very strong sense that these people have it behind them... and in front of them.

Agency: Albion

Creative Team: Nick Darken / Hemant Anant Jain / Tim Bateman

TV Producer: Petrina Kilby

Film Prod Co: Recommended Media (Los Angeles)

Director: Chris Woods

Producer: Phillip Detchmendy / Darrin Ball

Dir of Photography: James Gardner

Post-Prod House: The Mill

VFX Producer / Supervisor: Tom Johnson

Editor: Kyle Woods

Audio House: 750MPH

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