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Ben & Jerry’s offers Londoners the chance to try new #CowPower flavour first by tweeting support of the brand’s ‘Supporting Better Dairy’ campaign

Ben & Jerry’s offers Londoners the chance to try new #CowPower flavour first by tweeting support of the brand’s ‘Supporting Better Dairy’ campaignBen & Jerry’s offers Londoners the chance to try new #CowPower flavour

Ben & Jerry’s is offering Londoners the chance to try its Cow Power ice cream, created as part of the brand’s ‘Supporting Better Dairy’ campaign, first by tweeting its support on World Animal Day, Thursday 4 October.

An eco-friendly milk float will be steered by people-powered tweets between 9am and 4pm as part of a joint initiative between Ben & Jerry’s and NGOs Compassion in World Farming and the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).

Londoners who follow the ice cream brand will be able to help steer the float towards their office by tweeting the words “I believe all cows should be happy cows @benandjerrysUK #cowpower” as well as a hashtag with their company name.

The teams that tweet the most or post the most exciting tweets, will get a visit from the milk float, after being notified via a direct message on Twitter.

Being launched early this month, Cow Power is a sweet cream ice cream with chocolate fudge sauce, chocolate cookie chunks and chocolatey cows.

Ilaria Ida, Ben & Jerry’s European social mission manager, said:“We believe that happy cows are the secret to our great tasting ice cream, we want every cow in Europe to be as happy as our Caring Dairy cows!
“There are millions of dairy cows across Europe who are suffering and are far from being happy. World Animal Day seemed the perfect time to highlight their plight. We hope Cow Power ignites people power to help us change the lives of Europeancows for the better. Back our ‘Supporting Better Dairy’ campaign by signing up at www.happycows.eu today.”

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