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Apple Passbook 'a stroke of genius', says Lastminute.com mobile chief

Passbook: 'A stroke of genius'Passbook: 'A stroke of genius'

The head of mobile development for Lastminute.com has described Apple's Passbook app, recently launched through iOS 6, as 'a stroke of genius'.

David Slocombe praised the ticketing app while discussing the growth of m-commerce as part of a panel discussion at AppWorld. Slocombe said the app, which aims to take the place of gift cards, loyalty cards, boarding passes and sports tickets, showed Apple's ambition to 'own' the post-purchase online space.

He explained: "For a customer like ours, they essentially come to us to save money, they want the cheapest deal and they want it now. Then they will go to the hotel and the restaurant, so essentially Apple is wanting to own that space.

"Travel customers are early adopters, especially in mobile. With Passbook, essentially you're just sent a link in an email once you've completed a booking and you open that on your iPhone it will open up a nice little credit card looking thing, essentially an animated wallet, so the next extension of that will be its integration."

He added that as result of the release of Passbook in a bid by Apple to 'own' the space, he couldn't see anyone else competing.

Slocombe later emphasised the issues around security and trust that users still have when using m-commerce and also highlighted the emerging technology as being an opportunity for new tech companies.

"If you're a start up or an SME this is a particularly exciting time," he said. "This is where the payments world is unlocking."


2 Oct 2012 - 20:15

While I agree that mobile wallets are all very exciting, I find Apple's implementation to be the most lacking due to it's failure to incorporate NFC.

NFC Wallets from Google Android and Windows Phones are far more advanced whereas Apple's Wallet is little more useful than a booking confirmation email with a QR tag in it.

2 Oct 2012 - 21:55
stephen_lepitak's picture

It's a very fair point @michaelcorker and perhaps shows Apple's continued ambition to bully the crowd to do things its way. I wonder the impact this will have on NFC's mass adoption longterm.

3 Oct 2012 - 17:15
caspar.aremi's picture

Couldn't agree more. NFC is irrelevant here. If you buy a cinema ticket, or hotel reservation, or flights, or a gift card, these aren't sent to you to be transfered physically through a chip in your phone - you get a QR code to scan. Apple have managed to bring these all together in one easy to use app which retailers need to make only a very small investment (a new scanner attached to their till) to accept, rather than an NCF reader.

They're not trying to keep your credit and debit cards on the phone, they're trying to clear up all the other stuff you carry around - gift cards, reservation slips and the like. Last month I travelled from on the Heathrow Express, checked in at the airport and bought Starbucks all using apps which displayed QR codes. This is going to collate all of those into one app that's easily accessible and easier to remember (I have friends who have the Starbucks app but forget about it on occasion - they wont if it pops up whenever they visit their preferred store).

4 Oct 2012 - 09:08
lokes34905's picture

List of apps on Passbook-> passbookinfo.com


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