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Deloitte survey finds 57% of people still believe TV advertising has the most impact

Deloitte found that TV viewers will watch a trillion ads this yearDeloitte found that TV viewers will watch a trillion ads this year

According to a report to be published by Deloitte, on behalf of the Media Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival, television viewers will watch nearly a trillion ads in 2012. In the first quarter of 2012 the average viewer watched 49 adverts per day, a figure which does not include fast-forwarded commercials, adverts watched by under four year-olds, or TV video-on-demand adverts watched on computers or mobile devices.

For the fourth year in a row TV advertising was found to make the greatest impact amongst audiences with 57 per cent of viewers rating it highest, well ahead of newspaper ads with 15 per cent and magazine ads at 13 per cent.

Television adverts also continue to be regarded as making more of an impact in comparison to online display media. Nearly one-fifth of those surveyed (17 per cent) said they had bought a product after seeing it advertised on television.

The arrival of personal video recorders (PVRs) – Sky + and TiVo – has had an effect on advertising as 80 per cent of PVR owners claim to watch recorded programmes as they allow them to skip adverts. However, of those 16-24 year-olds surveyed 27 per cent always or frequently stopped fast-forwarding when they saw an advert or trailer of interest.

Director of technology, media and telecommunications at Deloitte, Paul Lee, commented: “The UK’s willingness to consume adverts in such quantities and advertisers’ continued eagerness to invest billions in TV advertising perplexes many commentators. Some regard the traditional TV advertising model, based on the 30-second spot, as fundamentally broken.

“Deloitte’s view, based on our research, is that the traditional TV advertising model, is neither broken nor breaking. At present there is no equivalent for companies to promote a new brand, product or service quickly and reach consumers across the UK.”

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