Most savage ad yet accuses millionaire Mitt Romney of being a pickpocket

The ads for the US presidential election are hotting up, with this one out today vying for the title of most savage ad yet: it accuses Republican hopeful Mitt Romney of being a pickpocket!

The ad is produced by by the Democratic organisation, and needless to say it does not carry the Obama endorsement, "I am Barak Obama and I approve this message." The ad shows a hand with an expensive-looking gold watch sneaking into pockets .

Faced with the enormous amount of money from wealthy donors financing anti-Obama campaigns , the president's supporters are not toning down the rhetoric.

The "President of the !%" title given to Romney hammers home the Obama theme of Romney wanting to take money from the middle class - the 99% - to give to the 1% - America's raft of millionaires and billionaires.

The end of the ad carries this punchline from one woman , examining her handbag and saying to another, "I think he stole my birth-control, too."

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Noel Young

Former editor of Sunday Mail in Glasgow and Group Managing editor of Daily Record and Sunday Mail. Now Boston-based US correspondent for UK newspapers including Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and Sunday Post.

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