Design agency pokes fun at London 2012 marketing rules with censored brand tees

Unreal's team sport their censored t-shirts

Design agency Unreal has created a series of censored brand tees in response to Seb Coe's comments about fans not being able to wear Pepsi t-shirts at the Olympic Games.

The t-shirts, which black out the logos of London 2012 non-sponsors such as Nike, Burger King and Pepsi, poke fun at London 2012 organisers' tough stance on ambush marketing.

Although they have no plans to sell the t-shirts, Unreal's team are sporting them en masse today and senior designer Ryan Tym told The Drum he'd be trying to sneak his into the Olympic Park tomorrow.

The designs certainly fit into the spirit of The Drum's Fauxlympics competition, which invites agencies to create their own spoof Olympics advertising campaigns.

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