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shaabiat Al Cartoon launches new fan-centric site with Aardman Digital

shaabiat Al Cartoon launches new fan-centric site with Aardman Digitalshaabiat Al Cartoon launches new fan-centric site with Aardman Digital

Animated sitcom shaabiat Al Cartoon has unveiled a new website with Aardman Digital, with the aim of providing a base where fans can congregate.

The first website for the Middle-Eastern market created by Aardman Digital, with both English and Arabic versions, it has been designed to promote the series about 24 characters and their lives in Dubai.

Karen Heldoorn, head of client services at Aardman Digital, said: “Working with Fanar Productions on the shaabiat al Cartoon project has been a fantastic opportunity for Aardman Digital to break through into a brand new market. Creating a website in a different language has come with its own technical challenges and learnings - which is something we as a team, are constantly striving for. The site will be a great way for fans to interact with the show on-the-go and we’re confident it will be a huge success with the existing shaabia following.”

The website includes information about each character, as well as providing downloads, newsletters and competitions, with a game set to launch later in the year. There is also a strong social media focus, sharing the latest tweets from the shaabiat Al Cartoon Twitter account and sharing their latest Facebook updates, friends and number of likes.

Haidar Mohammad, creator of shaabiat Al Cartoon and the general manager at Fanar Productions, said: “Seeing the website come to live was definitely an exciting moment to us, we have worked for months side by side with Aardman Digital to produce shaabia fans’ hub. The outcome is very satisfying to us and we hope fans do like it and engage with it as we created this for them.”

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