Nestle pulls Kit Kat bear following claims it resembles paedophilia ‘mascot’

Confectionary giant Nestle has been left with a sour taste in its mouth after it inadvertently posted an image of a man in a bear costume – which bore an unfortunate resemblance to the internet meme ‘Pedobear’.

Nestle had been attempting to plug its Kit Kat Chunky range by hiring a budding actor to don an unconvincing bear suit and bash out a few drum beats using the chocolate treats - an attempt to mark the firms arrival on Instagram.

The resulting image was accompanied by the message ‘Drum roll please… Kit Kat is now on Instagram'.

Only then did Kit Kat fans notice that the costumed figure bore an uncanny resemblance to a notorious internet meme, Pedobear, intended to symbolise paedophilia.

A Nestle spokesperson affirmed: “We produced this photo – of a real guy in a bear suit – to launch Instagram through our Facebook.

“This picture is not Pedobear.”

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