BLOOM London Dry Gin rolls out experiential strawberry-picking campaign

BLOOM London Dry Gin has unveiled a consumer engagement campaign in Soho, entitled ‘pick your own’.

Created with LDR LONDON, the campaign aims to raise awareness of the brand by providing an indoor strawberry picking experience.

Consumers will be invited to pick strawberries at the event, which runs 12-8pm until tomorrow, before being offered a BLOOM Gin and Tonic with strawberries.

Frederik Kampman, international brands development manager, said:“The Gin and Tonic is, and will always be, the classic serve but with the flavour profile of BLOOM London Dry Gin we have a unique opportunity to offer a very British twist on this serve, a BLOOM Gin and Tonic with strawberries. The serve with strawberries, first created by the bartending community in Madrid, not only complements the unique flavour profile and botanicals of BLOOM London Dry Gin but also represents the country idyll and inspiration behind the brand’s recipe.”

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