Strongbow announces launch of 'everyday pear offering' with heavyweight campaign

Strongbow has announced the £10m launch of a new Pear flavour, which will be available on draught and in bottles and cans from mid-July.

Featuring the new Strongbow packaging which was unveiled earlier this week, the launch will include premium bar fonts, POS and bespoke glassware.

Speaking to The Drum from the UK Challenge event in Stirling, Lucy Harmon, brand manager for Strongbow, said that the new flavour launch was part of the transformation of the brand.

Describing this as a ‘big year’ for Strongbow, she said the ‘everyday pear offering’ was targeted at the same market as the original flavour, but providing them with a different choice in time for the summer months.

Harmon added: “We have a heavyweight campaign kicking off to support the launch; it’s obviously going to go off-trade this month and next. The campaign will include TV and various other media.”

Sanjay Patel, brands director of ciders at HEINEKEN, said: “Strongbow Pear represents the most significant piece of product innovation in the brand’s history. The new product launch is part of our evolutionary transformation plans for the Strongbow equity which encompass a new ‘more universal’ brand positioning and a striking new brand identity which will feature on all marketing communications.”

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