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Council press officer quits after tweeting his local area should be napalmed

Streatham High RoadStreatham High Road

A Lambeth Council press officer who tweeted last week that his suggestion to improve the local area would involve napalm has quit his job.

Sam Masters tweeted on his own account “Having spent a considerable amount of time in Streatham, my solutions for supporting the High Road mostly involve napalm.”

The comment led to several complaints, including from local MP Chuka Umunna, with Lee Alley, chair of the Streatham Business Board, saying that he intends to issue an official complaint.

Masters has deleted his Twitter account, quit his job and made this apology: "Clearly they were ill considered, ill advised and very offensive to many.

"For that I would like to apologise. That I didn’t apologise sooner is also of profound regret to me.

"What was supposed to be a silly joke on a social networking website has offended many people, and for that I am genuinely sorry.

"I spent more than four years working everyday in Streatham in my last job.

"Anybody who knew me during that period would, I hope, testify that I worked hard to champion issues that were important to the people who lived there."

What do you think? Was this comment on Masters personal Twitter account – which did not mention where he worked in his bio and said views were not that of his employer – worthy of him quitting?


7 Jun 2012 - 17:42

He didn't say where he worked on his account; but did he tweet anything that might've identified him? Or was it linked via LinkedIn?

Too late to say and, no doubt, his employers would've taken the napalm^W nuclear option anyway.

8 Jun 2012 - 08:38
martinotoole's picture

So a local government employ has been forced to resign after telling the truth?! Tough gig in politics nowadays; you're either damned for lying or damned for telling the truth.

PC gone mad yet again! Where will it end??

Shouldn't have had to resign, plain and simple, as it was a personal account, making no mention of where he worked. I wouldn't mind, but as it goes, the area in question is a sh1thole.

8 Jun 2012 - 15:08
Alan_Duerden's picture

Surely you either quit your job but stand by your opinion or you apologise, renounce your view but keep your job. Both seems a little too over the top.

12 Jun 2012 - 13:33
fonfo49438's picture

He's prossibly right?


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