Bulmers launches 'perfect pour' mobile app

Bulmers has launched a new mobile app which uses augmented reality technology to pour a perfect pint of cider.

When users point the app at specially-designed campaign drink-mats and posters in pubs throughout the UK a virtual Bulmers glass rises out of the bar and shows them how to pour a perfect pint.

The app, created by Space, also allows users to find their nearest pub serving Bulmers and showcases the different flavours available.

Bulmers brand manager Gillian Graham said: "Whether at home or in the pub, we want consumers to experience Bulmers at its very best.

"This app is both entertaining and engaging and provides an innovative way to bring to life the premium quality credentials of Bulmers. In doing so, it also adds excitement and value to the Bulmers drinking experience and encourages consumers to seek out the ‘perfect serve’ wherever they drink Bulmers cider."

The app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets.

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