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Twitter reveals it has hit the 10 million users mark in UK

Twitter reveals it has hit the 10 million users mark in UKTwitter reveals it has hit the 10 million users mark in UK

Twitter has hit the 10 million active users mark in the UK, the company has revealed...and 80% access it through mobile phones.

Media Guardian reports that the UK data, revealed for the first time by the company, indicates that 8 million who logged in to the company's site in the past 30 days did so from a mobile phone - compared to Twitter's global average of 55%.

Independent studies suggest that the UK is the fourth-largest country for Twitter users in the world - after the US, Brazil and Japan.

Points out Media Guardian: “The UK's proportion of mobile users is 45% higher than the average for the world, indicating the strength of Twitter use in the UK.

“Although most users are almost certain to log in via a desktop or laptop computer at some point, a Twitter UK spokeswoman said: ‘We have seen growth in the number of people signing up from a mobile’.

That, she said, went back to the DNA of Twitter – which was originally set up in 2006 as a service that would work over SMS, which is why its messages are limited to 140 characters.

Twitter also points out that its users are particularly active in generating content: 60% have contributed to the network, either through tweeting or posting a picture or other content, compared to the world's biggest video site YouTube, where sources say just 1% of users ever posts a video.

Twitter, which celebrates its first year of operating with a UK office on 1 June, and has grown from zero staff to more than 30, is pointing to its growing success as an advertising platform, which chief executive Dick Costolo is driving through "promoted" tweets, trends and other paid-for content, known collectively as "Promoted Products" and which Twitter has been selling in the UK since September 2011.

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