Microsoft unveils Star Wars app to make Twitter and Facebook feeds appear like title sequence

Microsoft is using the force with its new mobile app, which allows users to view their Facebook and Twitter feeds in the style of the sci-fi film’s ‘crawl’ opening sequence.

Available free on Windows Phones today, and launching on iOS and Android tomorrow, the new app helps mark the release of Xbox 360’s “Kinect Star Wars”.

Stephen McGill, director of Xbox and entertainment for Microsoft UK, said: “We are literally putting ‘the Force’ directly into people’s phones to help launch “Kinect Star Wars”. Fans will be able to carry a piece of the STAR WARS universe in their pockets and, like the new game for Xbox 360, immerse themselves in the incredible world of one of the most enduring entertainment franchises like never before.”

The app, which is available in the UK, USA, Republic of Ireland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Sweden, also allows users to directly purchase a copy of the game.

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