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Ikea beats Apple with all-in-one Super Smart television . . . but UK and US must wait!

The headline in the Los Angeles Times today says it all: Did Ikea just beat Apple to the all-in-one television?

The Apple-beater is Ikea's new Uppleva system, which " solves our collective television problem," says the paper.

But for Brits there is disappointment: In the year of the Olympics and the Queen's Jubilee, there will be no Ikea super-TVs. We must wait until next year, while the Euro-launch powers ahead next month in five Eurocities.

The Uppleva is a cross between a television and a piece of furniture, says the American reporter, who is also dismayed that the US too is being kept waiting. She salivates at the description, " Think of it as a television stand in which all the pieces of your television are built in. So the Blu-ray player, DVD player, CD player and speakers are hidden in the furniture, while a wireless subwoofer can be placed anywhere you want around the room."

All the components of the Uppleva can be operated via a single remote control. The front part of the unit hides the components but still lets signals from your remote control through. Just watch the video.

The HD LED television has been developed by Ikea with Chinese television maker TCL Multimedia. It comes in three sizes. It is Wi-Fi ready and you can connect it to the Internet.

After five European cities get their sets in June, seven European countries will follow by autumn.

Prices will start around are likely to start around £750 for the most basic combination.

Despite the IKEA hoopla, Apple fans are still convinced that the Apple TV will be much better when it arrives . And where's the voice command option?


18 Apr 2012 - 23:59
cyrildrum01's picture

Hello - Sorry this will be nothing like an apple product the advert already gives away the cheapness, hinges bolts! a basic ikea unit design with a screen in it . . I am not convinced. If the apple version is anything like the imacs, built out of titanium with stylish but subtle curves then what would one prefer in ones living room, tried and tested screen technology or a screen on a wooden box.

22 Apr 2012 - 17:25
cyrildrum01's picture

Its true about the price of apple products but it's the spec of the screen that I am itching to get info on - imagine a 55inch apple display with double the resolution of a normal Sony HD television... mmm. We can only wait and see. I have started saving my pennies already although the new apple TV will probably feature more East Enders and Pepper Pig than any of my graphics and animations.:) We are entering a new technology era where we will have to figure out if we want the living room to be an office or the office to be our living room.

19 Apr 2012 - 09:50
iain_morrison's picture

I agree but for those out there that aspire to an Apple TV but work at IKEA prices you have to admit that it looks like a decent alternative. £750 would probably only get you the Apple TV controller.

19 Apr 2012 - 11:55
Ben Millar

Looks nothing like an Apple product, never has and never will! Apple would have built something far more stylish, something to be proud to have in your living room not something that looks like it came in a flatpack!


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