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FloorD system created and installed by EHS 4D to promote stair climbing

Digital marketing agency EHS 4D has unveiled near field communications system FloorD, to promote staff to uses the stairs in the agency’s six storey building.

As part of the agency’s work for GLA's ‘Summer like no other’ campaign, all staff have been equipped with NFC (near field communications) computer chips embedded into stickers that they swipe against card readers installed in stairwells.

Every time an employee swipes, a signal is sent to a central server which keeps track of the number of stairs climbed. If they swipe too many times or too quickly, the computer assumes they have taken the lift and deducts points for cheating. The teams and individuals with the most points win prizes each month.

Nigel Clifton, head of creative at EHS 4D, said: "It's amazing how quickly you can bring an idea to life by finding the bits you need on Google, solder them together, hack some code and work up some design ideas to get a prototype running.

"Moreover this is a great example of the use of ‘gamification’ to drive behaviour change, something many of our clients are now looking to do to with consumers who want to be entertained, engaged and inspired by their relationships with brands and not just sold to!"

EHS 4D is the agency working on the website and social media platform for 'A Summer Like No Other', the Mayor of London's £90m programme of free sports and cultural events in London in 2012.

Daniel Ritterband, marketing director for the Mayor of London, said: "We want our 'Summer Like No Other' programme to inspire every Londoner and it's great to see our digital agency, EHS 4D, bring together creativity, technology and good old good fun like this.

"I'm sure this will be the first of many examples of the UK's creativity that will be showcased to the world this summer.”

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17 Apr 2012 - 21:03

Nice one James!


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