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Daily Record columnist Tam Cowan accuses BBC of operating double standards in competitions

Daily Record columnist Tam Cowan accuses BBC of operating double standards in competitionsDaily Record columnist Tam Cowan accuses BBC of operating double

Daily Record columnist Tam Cowan has accused the BBC of operating double standards on the competition front with talent show The Voice on BBC 1.

Writing in the tabloid, Cowan, who is a seasoned contributor to BBC Radio Scotland, points out: “Even though I haven't watched a single second of The Voice on BBC1, I was very interested in the story about the show's ‘dodgy links’ with record label Universal.

“Not the bit about a number of the show's contestants having previously worked with the music giant.

“Or even the fact that three of the panel - Jessie J, Tom Jones and Will.i.am - are signed up to Universal.

“Nope, I'm more intrigued by the revelation that the prize for the winner is a recording contract with the record label.”

Cowan comments: “I thought competitions were banned on the BBC? How come a contestant can scoop a recording deal on The Voice but we can't give away a scabby Off The Ball T-shirt on BBC Radio Scotland?

“Hmmm. I think the clue might be in the ‘Scotland’ bit.

“Cash prizes are up for grabs in the English-produced Eggheads, while another London production, The Apprentice, rewards the winner with £250,000 to start up a new business.

“So, at the risk of repeating myself, how the hell can't me and Stuart Cosgrove give our listeners a T-shirt which, bought in bulk, probably costs about three quid?

“Talk about the great north-south divide? It seems the Beeb bigwigs don't play by the same rules down south.

“London is clearly the boss so far as the BBC is concerned. Who cares about the daft Jocks at Pacific Quay in Glasgow? This is particularly insulting when you think all the Beeb's recent troubles stemmed from south of the border in the first place.

“Whether it was the dodgy editing of a documentary about the Queen, the naming of a Blue Peter cat, or even the ‘Sachsgate’ episode involving Messrs Brand and Ross, I can assure you it had hee-haw to do with BBC Scotland.

“So why have we been punished?

“And, at the risk of repeating myself yet again, how come you're allowed to give away recording contracts, cash prizes on quiz shows and business grants worth a quarter of a million quid - but NOT an Off The Ball T-shirt?

“Gonnae hurry up with the referendum, Mr Salmond?”


18 Apr 2012 - 10:48
allan15835's picture

Ya beauty....

18 Apr 2012 - 17:40
Getji21061's picture

Good one, Tam. I knew the Beeb was bias but I didn't know that there was a BBC anti-BBC Scotland bias too.

18 Apr 2012 - 23:58
4dpar17864's picture

You're not being punished Tam - you're being treated with contempt. BBC Scotland have shown themselves to be worthy of that contempt.

22 Apr 2012 - 16:41
mickymonkey's picture

Wonder why it's only BBC Scotland that does not allow any comments. Could that be on orders from our betters in London? Make no mistake they think they are tops - better than everyone else. Pity the facts only bear out their arrogance !

5 May 2012 - 23:07
robin1313's picture

Neither Tam nor these posters seem to appreciate the difference but fyi, it's live programme competitions, where prizes are given in real time during the show, that are prohibited. All phone in shows are affected by this rule. Amazed that no-one here knew this!


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