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Dogs Trust unveils new direct mail campaign with Soho Square

Dogs Trust unveils new direct mail campaign with Soho SquareDogs Trust unveils new direct mail campaign with Soho Square
Dogs Trust unveils new direct mail campaign with Soho Square

The Dogs Trust has unveiled a direct mail campaign with Soho Square, with the aim of helping to raise money to look after the older dogs in its care.

Adrian Burder, marketing director at Dogs Trust, said: “We wanted to remind supporters of the older residents at Dogs Trust and the care they need, in particular their medication, which can be very costly. A Dogs Trust supporter would see these dogs as defenceless and couldn’t possibly understand why anyone would neglect them or leave them to fend for themselves, particularly in their late years. They donate to Dogs Trust because they share their belief that a dog is for life and so appreciate the way in which Dogs Trust will be there to support these dogs for as long as it takes.”

Featuring the line "We may be old and grey but your love will fill our lives with colour" on the front, the pack tells the story of an abandoned 11 year old dog.

Phil White, business director at Soho Square, added: “We know that Dogs Trust donors respond emotionally to the stories we tell about the dogs that Dogs Trust rescues and rehabilitates. By focusing on older dogs, and emphasising just how much they still have left to give in this mailing, we have taken an emotive approach that will resonate with our warm database.

“We have built the strategy on the insight that Dogs Trust supporters strongly align themselves with the charity’s non -destruction policy never to put a healthy dog down and this is very relevant for old dogs. The ask explained how vital funds are to fully provide for older dogs, who generally cost more to look after due to medical conditions, but in a way that provides a real emotional insight into how they come to be at Dogs Trust and how they are cared for there, all thanks to its supporters. The art direction quite literally paints a picture of how the charity cares for them in their old age. We are sure this warm and positive approach will elicit a strong response from donors.”

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