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Nearly half of employees would sell corporate password for £5 claims survey

Nearly half of employees would sell corporate password for £5 claims surveyNearly half of employees would sell corporate password for £5 claims

Almost half of employees would sell their corporate password for under £5, research claims.

According to a survey conducted by Ping Identity, which contacted around 2,000 consumers, 48% said they would sell their password for less than £5, while just under one third (30%) would do it for less than £1.

30% also said they would not sell the information at any price, while 34% would ask for over £50 for their social media log-in information, such as Facebook password.

A third of respondents (34%) also admitted to sharing their corporate password, although 80% would not share their social media log-in details.

Also discovered through the survey was that people found their Facebook log in details the easiest to remember (34.5%), ahead of their work log-in (25%) and online bank (10.6%).

John Fontana, identity evangelist for Ping Identity, explained: “The fact that personal identity is being rated higher than corporate identity has worrying implications for the safety of a business’ intellectual property and brand reputation.

“However, this research shows we are more comfortable and protective of our social networking passwords than anything else. Businesses wanting to attract and retain custom will need to allow consumers access to their sites though online identities we trust, rather than repeatedly getting us to enter our information again and again creating yet another unmemorable password that we place little value on," he added.

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30 Oct 2013 - 16:33

What do they expect when they give us nothing to be loyal to? When so many jobs are short-term, or employment agency placements offering zero benefits or job security, when you can effectively be sacked at a moments' notice... well, these things will happen. if they show us no loyalty and view us as disposable work-units, these things will happen. Although if I ever considered doing this, which is both illegal and unethical, I'd want a lot more than a fiver...


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