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Sky losing £5 per viewer as Mad Men audience plummets

Sky losing £5 per viewer as Mad Men audience plummetsSky losing £5 per viewer as Mad Men audience plummets

Much hyped advertising drama Mad Men has seen its audience slump to just 47,000 since the latest series debuted on Sky Atlantic, inflicting satellite broadcaster Sky with a £5 loss for each viewer.

Sky poached the rights to the series from the BBC after offering three times as much cash, but that decision is now hitting it in the pocket after over 300,000 former BBC4 viewers elected to wait for the box set instead.

Sky is understood to be stumping up more than £250k per episode to screen the series but the poor performance has surprised many, particularly with the saturation coverage given to the show in the media.

A Sky spokesman said: ‘In Sky homes Mad Men has never been more popular.

'When you look at those who watched the first episode of Mad Men live, or caught up through Sky+ or on-demand, it was the most watched episode in Sky homes ever, and by some margin.’
‘We’re delighted with the response from Sky customers and will continue to invest in the shows that create more value for our existing customers and give more people a reason to join Sky.’


8 Apr 2012 - 07:03
taaff63279's picture

Wise decision by all those households. The only drama series that large numbers of people want to see as it happens is Downton Abbey. Everything else can be watched later. "Must see TV" when it comes to drama is almost gone. People want to control when they consume media and not be subject to the whim of broadcasters.

9 Apr 2012 - 13:39
Ogilvy's picture

Yes, it is a well known fact that broadcasters decide when to screen their shows "on a whim".

10 Apr 2012 - 04:23
taaff63279's picture

OK OK, "a whim" was a bit much. Meant to say that consumers are less likely now to just adhere to the broadcaster's schedule, especially if waiting for dvd, or watching online/on demand is cheaper.


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