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Dell launches ‘share & earn’ social media strategy

Dell launches ‘share & earn’ social media strategyDell launches ‘share & earn’ social media strategy

*Since Dell began our social media efforts in 2006, transparency has been key. Paying customers to share positive stories about Dell products violates our social media policy. This announcement was distributed without our knowledge. It is based on a five-day affiliate test program that ran last week in the UK and has since been terminated. DigitalAnimal has been directed to remove all external communication immediately.

Dell has announced that it has launched its first ever ‘share and earn’ social media campaign – an initiative which offers cash rewards to those who recommend Dell products via their social media accounts.

Cash rewards will be proffered to those who spread the word about Dell wares to their friends and peers and who subsequently secure a sale in consequence, currently set at £5 for any purchase worth £70 or more.

Implemented by UK digital marketing agency, digital animal, the campaign is the first in which Dell has embraced the concept of brand ‘micro-affiliates’ with performance tracked by TradeDoubler.

Customers can participate in the initiative by clicking on a ‘share and earn’ button distributed to more than 200,000 Dell customers, this registers them for the programme which is currently compatible with more than 355 social networks; including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

Sanjit Atwal, Managing Director of digitalanimal, commented on the strategy said: "To work with a global leader such as Dell is fantastic for us as a new technology start-up, and it’s great to see that such a large international brand is recognising the importance of harnessing the power that social media holds. We look forward to a long relationship off the back of what we hope to be a very successful email campaign.”

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4 Apr 2012 - 12:21
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typo: "curremntly set at £5 for any purchase worth £70 or more."

8 Oct 2012 - 06:12
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