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TheDrum.co.uk plans to convert to TheDrum.com as its readership grows

The Drum has announced that its website is to convert from a ‘.co.uk’ website into a ‘.com’ over the next few months.

The media brand has already purchased www.thedrum.com in preparation for the move, which should see the website further expand its audience.

Earlier this year the site overtook Brand Republic and Marketing Week for the first time to become the largest UK marketing website according to Google Adplanner.

Now it plans to extend its reach. Editor Gordon Young said: “The Drum very much believes in the mantra of thinking global but acting local. The architecture of the website ensures that readers can access the news specific to their location if they so wish – through the MyDrum feature, which is free to all users.

“However, we are interested in covering the best and most interesting marketing news, no matter where it originates. We already have a reporter based in the US and have noted that is where 20% of the site's traffic is now coming from.

“Ultimately, The Drum’s unique mix of news has broad appeal. We do not write about technology for technology's sake. And we do not split the industry into traditional silos such as advertising, design or marketing. We are simply interested in how great ideas and technology are applied to create effective communication.”

As well as the website The Drum continues to publish a fortnightly magazine. Said Young: “Even though the world is an increasingly digital place we are more convinced than ever than print still has a place.

"The magazine can still present creative work in a way that really catches its essence, and provide a really good overview of all the news and information that has been pushed out of increasingly frantic online streams over a two week time period. The Drum’s masthead includes the line Modern Marketing. We believe print is still part and parcel of that ethos.”

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