Creative agency Bordello opens with plans to help those who want to be superbrands

Liz Whiston, Dave Shelton, Marc Bennett and Scott Wilkinson have unveiled a new creative agency, Bordello, which aims to help brands which want to become superbrands.

The agency launches with clients such as Virgin Media Business; eco app developer, Ecoinomy, which is backed by Deborah Meaden; start-up food chain Bombay Burrito; and IHP, a healthcare provider which is looking to become a superbrand.

Wilkinson said: “We know there are brands out there with the capacity, capability and courage to become superbrands. Bordello will be the vehicle to get them there. We know our approach isn’t for everyone. But The House of Provocative Ideas is the natural of home for brands with ambition and an unswerving passion for their potential.

“Our website’s sorting that wheat from the chaff. You either get it and want to meet us. Or you’re left feeling rather non-plussed.”

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