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Meaningful retail brands: Q&A with Kate Cox of MPG Media Contacts

In today’s difficult economic conditions, how can retail brands maintain their consumers’ brand loyalty? Perhaps the answer lies in brands playing a bigger part in consumer wellbeing, therefore becoming more meaningful.

Meaningful retail brands: Q&A with Kate Cox of MPG Media ContactsMeaningful retail brands: Q&A with Kate Cox of MPG Media Contacts

The Drum caught up with Kate Cox, head of strategy at MPG Media Contacts, to talk about the company’s recent Meaningful Brands research and how retailers might become more meaningful in 2012. Cox discusses some of the findings of the Meaningful Brands for a Sustainable Future research, including the finding that most people globally would not care if 70% of the surveyed brands ceased to exist. She also cites examples of UK retail brands such as M&S and B&Q engaging with environmental and social issues, which was found to be a key consideration for consumers even in the cynical UK.

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